Strict Quality Supervising?by 8 Quality Control System


Neofuns has comprehensive manufacturing process and perfect Quality assurance system.

Order, Purchasing and preparing raw materials, IQC, Warehousing, Product, Testing each process, IPQC, checking each process, FQC, Assembly, Performance Testing, OQC, Packing, Loading, Customer ‘s feedback > Customer Satisfaction Survey > Customer Satisfaction Analysis > Continuous Improvement > Record Archive > End

About 200 Employees for Item Production


Neofuns establishes a distinctive cooperative culture and values, attaches importance to the planning of human resources, which legitimately organizes and allocates business personnel. Neofuns make sure of improving the quality of business personnel by education and training. Neofuns workers have been rigorously trained to reduce the rate of repairs, which greatly increases the efficiency of the work.
What’s more, Neofuns is located in the beautiful Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, which per capita consumption and water and electricity are relatively cheap for reducing production costs.

1~3 New Product Developed by Research and Development Team


First of all, Neofuns products are all independent research and development, including?programming, electric,?mechanical.?In addition, Neofuns has 15 years overseas product and export experience. To improve customers’ purchasing experience, we will provide the necessary suitable market and operation experience for all customers based on previous experience.?

24 Hours Online and After-sales Service


Neofuns American branch will be set up. If any problem, we will be online or by telephone even take video to help to solve the problem. If something wrong with spare parts, after we confirmed the existed problem, and then we send new accessories to the customers as soon as possible by DHL/FedEx/TNT etc. In addition, we can send technicians to help solve a problem in local if the customer needs. We provide superior service(our overseas after-sales service team 24 hours online)?for our customers.

One-Stop Shopping Service


Hereby, you will be required to purchase your one-stop amusement&games equipment for the family amusement center and location and guarantee the more preferential price, satisfied service.

Design & Operating Plan Customized


We will provide professional design and operation plan for a professional site design operation plan and set point.

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