Coin Operated Monster Drop Redemption Machine for Sales

Monstor Drop NF-R35 Redemption Game Machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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Monstor Drop game machine

1、Insert Coin, press Start button, the upper will release ball trough a jumping ball. The ball fell into the following dial will bounce back, will finally fall into the hole;
2、The upper ball groove will drop a jump ball, jumping ball beating on the turntable, rotation, eventually scoring hole.If a ball falls into the scoring holes on the turntable, then the player will get the hole corresponding to the score; fell into the “Award hole”, the player will add a bouncing ball; if falling into the “hole out” players would reducing a ball. The middle of the turntable does not rotate units, above the hole, and fell into the hole, the player’s cumulative score will be doubled;
3、Game over, you will get tickets according to the score you get, based on your tickets number to the counter to get gifts or game currency.



1、A two, both single JP and mysterious prizes, and the whole machine attachment JP, lottery numerical very tempted;
2、The machine size is large and striking, cooperate with internal dazzle beautiful and colorful light box,it is particularly eye-catching, which even can also saw machine from the far distance;
3、Play is simple, with wider range of players orientation, new to the shop, the old players more easy to use, new players are also easy to cultivate;
4、The machine internal parameters (such as mysterious prizes, JP lottery number and wheel speed etc.) can be set by the operator,and it is easy to control the revenue and give prize.



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