How to Develop the Amusement Parks Business?

From a tourism perspective, theme parks are tourism products that provide a travel experience. In business, the theme park is a new type of tourism project with high investment and high risk. Therefore, a successful theme park requires the joint development of business and tourism.

The concept of regional comprehensive development model (biasing heavy assets): relying on natural landscapes and cultural resources, first create a theme park with influence and impact, and create regional tourism resources; relying on this regional tourism resources Coming to the flow of logistics, the “1+N” system for commercial support, recreation, leisure and holiday and real estate project development has become a city functional area with multi-industry integration.

basketball machine in the park

The brand chain expansion model (biased to light assets) is the theme park chain operation is a business system and strategic means for the theme park to copy the theme brand, management model and business experience to form a consortium. The ultimate goal is to achieve economies of scale and market expansion.

There are two main types of chain operations.The first is the direct chain. It is reflected in the high concentration of management rights, the visual unification of corporate image without regional restrictions, and the centralized control of corporate decision-making power. The purpose is to ensure the overall advantage of the enterprise; most of the current theme park chain operations use It is a single direct chain.

The second is franchising. It reflects the characteristics of asset independence.For example, the ownership and management rights of Tokyo Disneyland are not owned by Disney. Disney can only earn revenue from the franchise fee each year.The United States and Europe are the most developed areas of the global theme park chain. The major theme park chain brands continue to expand globally while stabilizing their domestic markets. Both the chain size and the number of tourists are growing.

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