The latest market survey of the claw machine industry in 2019

Market prospect of claw machine

2018 has passed, but it has not taken away the complex international market background. China-US trade war, 5G communication technology standard war, copyright dispute of Qualcomm and Apple Inc., and these white wars are still spreading. Internet economy?is down, which sounds the alarm for all countries. Now the balance of economy has been completely inclined to the Internet. Internet boom will lead to economic growth, and the Internet recession will lead to economic declining. All countries are unwilling to see this situation. And every country began to support and encourage the development of the real economy, and further strengthen the management and restriction of the Internet.

In the next few years, the recovery of the real economy will happen. This is the best news for all kinds of shopping malls and department stores. Of course, it is also the best news for the real game industry. Video games, prize games, and other arcade games will become one of the most attractive amusements?in these places. The claw machines often account for 30%-60% of these arcade games. So there will be the best prospect for the claw machine.

In the 21st century, marketing is focused on drainage. If you just want to make money by the claw machine, then you are out. The claw machine will become a way of drainage in the shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas and game halls where are enough customer flow. And there are always many such places in a city.

Player group changes of claw machine service

In the 20th century, the claw machine game has been the amusement object of adults. From amusement to gambling and then to disappearance, the claw machine game has undergone various baptisms. In modern times, the claw machine game has become a way of family amusement, and even a kind of puzzle game for children directly. It is no longer like in the 1950s, there were?many adults around a claw machine full of jewelry and cigars, and they were roaring crazily and greeting God.


The idea of FEC should be understood by many people, it means family enjoys center. The theme is together and people can really enjoy?family amusement. Fathers can go to the cafe?for coffee and read a newspaper to enjoy leisurely holiday time. Mothers can enjoy shopping, and try on their favorite clothes. Children can go to the amusement park, and play a variety of?kids arcade machines and amusement equipment.

The claw machine is a relatively simple arcade game machine. Therefore, in the case of player groups changes, it will affect the claw machine very small. It only needs to shake the joystick and press the button, and that is all the operation. So it seems to have lost attraction to many adults, but it is still very fresh for children. It is also said that it is a kind of family amusement. It is because the children are always confused and do not know how to play when they see these claw machines. Usually, their parents need to show for them, so it becomes a kind of family interaction. If lucky, parents grab a prize when showing, their child must feel that his parents are the best in the world.


Market investigation report of claw machine

According to the latest market research of arcade game company Neofuns, it is found that many game halls have been adjusted to object-oriented in the US, Britain, France, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea and etc. The game halls have turned to children’s game park. Many adult arcade game machines have also been removed, much of which are?children’s mini-game machines and some mini claw machines. And there are many indoor playground equipments.

In recent years, PC games, host games, and mobile games are very popular, which make a serious impact on the arcade game market. According to the analysis of customer date from more than 300 game halls, it is found that the customer flow has been reduced by 30%, and 90% of the reduced customer flow is adults’?in 2018.

In view of?such situation, many game hall owners began to adjust the users?for market changes. They transformed the game halls into the children’s amusement parks. Many arcade machines were removed and replaced by small claw machines and?kiddie rides.

Marketing idea of claw machine

The claw machine games are franchising authorized brands in Europe, America, and Asia. But many game hall owners give up this choice because of high fees. Then the exposures of the game halls are greatly reduced. You know,?the source of these exposures must be promoted by brand suppliers. And then the franchise stores would?get more profits under the influence of brand and marketing activities.

Now, what should the bosses?of the game halls that are?without joining do? This is an urgent problem of game hall owners to solve. Now we need to learn about the promotion ways of article marketing and video marketing in the world where the Internet is popular. With the coming of the 5G era, video marketing will be the mainstream of Internet marketing in the future.

Nowadays the mainstream social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin all can share the video. YouTube surpassed Facebook in 2017, and it becomes the second largest traffic platform after google. Therefore, the game hall owners should make good use of YouTube. Of course, record some video directly and upload them to YouTube, and it will certainly not have any effect. At this time, invite some web celebrities to?advertise?the game halls. Choose some web celebrities who have a lot of fans on YouTube and do game amusement to publicize the game halls. Then the game halls’ popularity will surely rise rapidly.

Matching system of claw machine

With the increase in shopping malls, the number of game halls is also increasing. However, some new bosses?of game halls cannot accurately analyze the market situation, and cannot clear which kinds of arcade game machine is the favorite for customers. So it results in the interests of game halls cannot be maximized.

In view of this situation, many game manufacturers have begun to provide matching and customized services for a series of game equipment. According to the big data from their marketing department, game manufactures choose many of their customers’ favorite game equipment. Supply the customized services about the claw machines and some game equipment with unique color and stickers in view of the style and location of the game halls.

Some game halls are operated by the combination of equipment suppliers and amusement owners in the US and Canada. All the equipment is unique. Milk tea stores open in the game hall according to people’s preferences to increase the customer flow. ?

When you visit these places, it is found that the machines are not placed at random, nor are they arranged as orderly as soldiers. These machines have rules, and you can play the game you want wherever you go. When you see a column, that is made of a giant claw machine. The column is hollowed out and fixes the claws and glass windows. There are all 2 meters long dolls and it is very exciting.

After the completion of the matching system, game manufacturers will also carry out a series of marketing activities for these stores, including the above web celebrities marketing. Another is to add some hot sales products in view of the current hotspots. For example, pokemon was very popular all over the world in 2018. Game manufacturers have fully developed their imagination. They changed the game hall into a theme game hall of pokemon in one night. Whether is it the style of the game hall or the exquisite prizes, it is combined with pokemon. This style has high popularity.


Design ideas of claw machine in further

The claw machine has changed from the original steam shovel type to the present type. There are not many changes for?machine types. The only way of game manufacturers is that changing the prizes in the machine. So this requires more innovative ideas to design and develop them.

For example, players can get prizes from the claw machine by playing a thrilling VR breakthrough game. Of course, the design content is related to the claw and not detached the nature of the claw machines.

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