FIFA Soccer arcade machine

FIFA Soccer arcade machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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FIFA soccer arcade machine is a kind of multiplayer soccer arcade game machine. It is a kind of independent research product. So there is no arcade machine similar to this one in the market. This game has many bright spots. First of all, its operation mode is the same as that of FIFA football game series. It can win the game by operating one team. Players can choose their favorite national team to join in the game according to their preference. There are four operating platforms, which can be used for 4 persons to fright again each other together. This enhances the experience of the game. Also, there is a more amazing thing than that of the PS4 football game. It can really take one football to join in the game.

Players can control the direction of a footballer by the joystick. There are buttons for acceleration and switching footballer, football superhuman movement and etc. The most important part is the footballs at the bottom of the machine. Players can pass and shoot by kicking the footballs at the bottom. They can control the strength of pass and shoot. When playing this machine, it is found that it is like playing football in a true football field. FIFA game on PS4 cannot bring the same experience. Although the FIFA World Cup is over, the football-crazy has not diminished. When we are in the exhibition, this kind of machine always becomes the focus of the exhibition.




1. Support 1-4 persons to play together

2. Great experience without any delay

3. Superband football music and the voice of famous football commentators

4. Support player’s acceleration and switching

5. Control multi-players and win the game by perfect cooperation

6. Many national teams available

7. The football at the bottom can be used for passing and shooting. Experience the pleasure of real football.

8. 50 inch LCD




Safe package: Bubble pack + Well paper + Stretch films + Wood frame in the carton

Payment terms: T/T 30% deposit to confirm order and 70% balance should be paid before shipment

Leading time: 7-15 work days after receiving deposit(Mass orders excluded)

After-sale service: 12 months warranty against shipping date

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